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About Insights

Insights is a global learning and development organisation working in partnership with some of the most successful companies in the world.

We provide a wide range of tools and services which act as a catalyst to help our customers achieve transformation at the individual, team and organisational level.

At the heart of our work is the Insights Discovery System, a model which has impacted on thousands of lives – and companies - across the globe.

For more than a decade, Insights Learning & Development has been transforming individuals, teams and organisations.

Based in Dundee, Scotland, the organisation - founded in 1988 by father and son team, Andi and Andy Lothian - enjoys a presence in over 30 countries and boasts a suite of materials available in over 25 languages.

Our offering includes personality profiles, competency diagnostics, e-learning programmes and facilitator-led learning. We provide expert advice on a range of people development issues including personal effectiveness, team dynamics, culture analysis and transformational leadership.

Using colour as the common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth, the Insights Discovery System is the unique thread running through our entire portfolio.

PERSONALIS – Insights Associate Partner

PERSONALIS is Insights Preferred Associate Licensee in Romania.

As an Associate Partner, we are supported directly from Insights Headquarters, Dundee, Scotland.

We have joined forces with Insights to bring you a better service!

We can work with you, in partnership, to develop organisational learning programmes, to help you to incorporate the Insights Discovery System into your organisation.

PERSONALIS and Insights establish themselves to help you take your organisation where you want it to be. To travel with you on a journey of personal and organisational development. To reach together a destination where your vision becomes reality.

Because success is a journey, not a final destination, your goals can change and develop over time. That’s why our approach is flexible, focused on your needs and based on a long term partnership.

Insights Discovery Personal Profile

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile sits at the heart of our work.

The inspirational Discovery model celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and illustrates the exceptional ways in which recognising and valuing these differences can empower people, teams and entire organisations.  

We believe that the Discovery profile is the most accurate and dynamic personal profile in the world, and the best possible tool for assisting individuals in their search for understanding – both in terms of their personal style and in terms of managing their relationships with others, at work and at home.


·         Everyone is unique and so is their Discovery Profile

·         Simple, memorable colour system

·         Positive, supportive language promotes an 'I'm ok, you're ok' perspective

·         Detailed and continually validated for accuracy

·         Assists individuals in gaining an understanding of their style and how this impacts on others

·         Enables people to develop their inter-personal skills, improving team performance and creating a more positive, productive cultural environment

·         Being easy to understand and recall makes long-term application and change far more likely

Each Profile includes a Foundation Chapter comprising key pages such as: Personal Overview, Strengths and Weaknesses, Value to the Team, Communication, Possible Blind Spots, Opposite Type and Suggestions for Development.

The information contained within the Foundation Chapter can be extended through Discovery’s supplementary chapters. These support ongoing development in specific areas such as leadership and sales.

The Discovery profile is available in over 30 countries and 25 languages.

Insights Development Blended Solutions

We provide a unique range of tools and services that help individuals, teams and organisations surpass their learning and developmental objectives.

Unique because all of our tools and services are linked by the common language of colour, and unique because all our solutions are individually tailored and customised to satisfy specific customer needs. We call this unique combination of tools and services ‘blended learning’.

Blended learning solutions combine two or more delivery modes to meet a specific set of learning objectives.

We blend together our profiles, programmes and diagnostics to create the right solution for our clients.

We then tailor this solution at two levels. Firstly, to meet the specific overall learning objectives of the client and secondly, every tool within the blend is tailored to the unique learning requirements of each individual. This allows us to work towards exceeding both collective and individual goals.

Blended Learning With Insights – Summary

·         Extensive suite of interlinking and synergistic tools and services

·         The thread of colour runs throughout – for accessible and engaging learning

·         Each blend is unique – specifically tailored to meet client needs

·         Results happen faster – caters for both individual and group learning needs

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